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Kilted Photography

Updated: May 18, 2020

The journey began in 2011 when I discovered a passion for photographing stunning landscapes and historical landmarks around the UK. It was a strange hobby because during my school years I had such a dislike of history, though somehow this seemed different and exciting; it was more of an adventure. While out exploring the many beauties our country has to offer my mind would wonder: who stood in my place hundreds of years ago?


That year Game of Thrones happened to hit our TV screens, packed full of shocking plot twists, beautiful castles, and George R. R. Martin's fantasy takes on historical events in time. As the seasons went on and the story unfolded, the different families had deep-rooted histories and some with mythical powers which we would all come to learn. Not knowing how it would all end was killing me, I needed to know and became slightly obsessed.

Celtic Roots

My newfound interest in discovery, history and mythology took me on a journey of my personal family history, and I scrolled the internet for anything I could find about my family roots. Surprisingly I found so much more information than I had bargained for, including details of Celtic beginnings, a family crest and even a tartan. I also found links of a famous saint, St Cuthbert, who is said to have healed many people.


In 2014 we saw the release of the TV series Outlander, and my god Sam Heughen is one seriously handsome Scottish man in a kilt and the accent, I could die! I, as well as men and women across the globe, discovered fantasies we never even knew we had. The storyline is both fascinating and educational; you learn of different clans, the rise and fall of the highlanders, and with the bonus of casual time travel and witchcraft to spice things up, this programme ticks all the boxes.

Men in Kilts Photography

It was then that I decided to take my photography in a more niche direction, asking myself how I could combine my interests into my photography and that is when I finally hit upon the idea for the calendar. Now began the actual logistics of making it work. I later got in touch with a store in Edinburgh called Eight Yards, who produce outstanding kilts and hire them for various events. A few phone calls and hunks in kilts later and the 2014 men in kilts calendar appeared!

This year will be our 8th year in production, and with a worldwide following, the future is exciting. We hope to continue expanding our range of sexy merchandise, and on top of that, we are looking to add other traditional Scottish gifts to our store. Who knows where the future will take this — perhaps I could time travel like Claire Fraser and take my camera along for the ride.

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thank you for sharing your dream. and making it come true. it's a total pure pleasure seeing all the viral, hot men in kilts.

Kerri Cuthbert
Kerri Cuthbert
Mar 01, 2021
Replying to

Thanks Daniel I am so glad other people appreciate all of our work 🥰

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