Kilted Yoga Calendar

Updated: Apr 8

I wanted to write a short piece on the Kilted Yoga calendar 2020, which features the hunky yoga instructor Finlay Wilson. This calendar shows Yoga as it's never been seen before and has taken the internet by storm! Combining both Scotland's heritage, flexibility, strength and mindfulness, all while wearing a traditional Scottish garment: kilt yoga has firmly arrived! I am a massive fan of Finlay Wilson's social media pages, and of course, his delightful book which is light and full of humour with easy to follow instructions guiding you from the basics towards a more robust practice. On Instagram sometimes we get to see a bit more than we bargained for, who'd of thought yoga in kilts could be such a blissful pairing. Since his following has taken off, several other Kilted Yogis have appeared on the scene, but nobody can take on the Kited Yogi King! If you aren't following him on Instagram already his tag is 'kiltedyogis' and you can purchase the Kilted Yogi book from most Waterstones stores.